Anne and Joan are always interested in learning more about nonprofit leadership and hearing about the twists and turns of personal leadership journeys. We hope you will use this blog to engage one another on the issues of museum leadership. However, we also want comments to be as useful as possible to all our readers. As a result, we will remove comments that:

  • Are not respectful towards us, visiting writers and other commenters.
  • From people who identify themselves. Anonymous comments will not be accepted.
  • Feel free to leave comments that link to your blog or web page, but try to refrain from making them solely promotional in nature.
  • Your comments are yours. Leadership Matters does not own them and we disclaim any and all liability resulting from them. In commenting, you retain all ownership rights in what you post here and, in return,Leadership Matters is relieved from any and all liability resulting from those postings.
Lastly, we reserve the right to remove comments from the site; please comment in a respectful and useful manner.
If you have any questions on the commenting policy, please let us know.

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2 Comments on “Contact”

  1. Leslie Ferrin says:

    Can you add me to your email list? The article about Pam Taget’s Op Ed is spot on!

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