Women+Museums: The Survey

SurveyRemember, we said we were writing a new book? If not, check out the tab up top that says Women+Museums. Well, we’re doing a survey to help with the research. This is not meant to be a statistically significant survey.  It’s a beginning scan, an opportunity to help us see gender patterns in the museum workplace and understand what’s important to men and women.  We hope it will help to raise the bar and prevent gender from being an obstacle.

Please consider taking one of the surveys and please encourage your colleagues to do so, too.  We welcome input from men as well as women.

The short survey should take about 30 minutes depending on your desire to answer open-ended questions.  If you are a museum employee, please know there are questions about the gender make-up of your institution’s board.

The long survey could take as long as an hour, again depending on your desire to answer open-ended questions.  You’ll need to have at hand the same board information as for the short survey, if it is available to you.

The links for both surveys are below. Enjoy!

Survey short form:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/D6YKQ8D

Survey long form:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/D5T8HMG

We are indebted to our colleagues and friends Susie Wilkening and Conny
Graft for their generous help with the preparation of these surveys.


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