See You in St. Paul

St Paul

Hello again,

We’re off to the AASLH Annual Meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota where Saturday, September 20 at 9 am we’ll be leading a session on Leadership Matters: A Look at 21st Century Museum Leadership with four of our interviewees, Dina Bailey, Director/Curator at the National Center for Civil Rights; Ryan Spencer, Senior Manager and Venue Interpretation, Firestone Farm, The Henry Ford Museum; Chris Taylor, Diversity Outreach Program Manager, Minnesota Historical Society, and Kent Whitworth, Executive Director, Kentucky Historical Society. So if you are in St. Paul, please come and say hello.

We are also conducting a discussion on issues of gender at 8:30 am this Friday in the lobby of the Crowne Plaza, the conference hotel. So no matter who you are, if you are interested in women’s issues in the museum world, please join us. Otherwise, we’ll be back here post-St. Paul at the end of September.

Anne & Joan



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