Let’s Talk Leadership

Our first Let’s Talk Leadership post is from Mary Liz Stewart, who first posted her thoughts on the Linked In Cooperstown Graduate Program discussion list.  Mary Liz is the co-founder, with Paul Stewart, and Executive Director of Underground Railroad History Project of the Capital Region, Inc., Albany, NY.  We thank Mary Liz for allowing us to repost them here.

Mary Liz  “Leadership is an exciting position to be in.  It provides an opportunity to craft a new vision into reality, to excite others about one’s passion, to imagine new approaches and goals and engage the rich talents of others to plan the way to achieve those goals.  It provides the opportunity to invite others to reach out with you to the vast world in which one resides, to share ideas and talents, to create together great things that could never be created if working alone.  It also provides the opportunity, working in collaborative concert with others in the museum and non-museum fields, to contribute significantly to the health and well being of the communities with whom we engage.  And it demands of us in the museum field to be mindful of the pressing need to constantly remind others how important museums are to knowing who we are, communally and personally, where we have come from, and where we can go.”

Beautifully said.


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